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Horseshoeing School Of Canada

The Horse Shoeing School of Canada is a new institution that opened in 2020 near Guelph, Ontario.



About Paul Fischbach

Primary Objective

The school’s primary objective is to educate students in all aspects of horse shoeing and horsemanship. Special attention is given on how to interact, observe and handle horses. You will learn to read their behavior and how to set up a horse in such way that works for both you and the horse. Effective horsemanship skills are the cornerstone on which the school is based. After completing this three month program you will be able to trim and shoe some horses on your own and you will be very well prepared to apprentice with an experienced Farrier. Being able to keep up with a seasoned farrier, knowing the daily routine of every day shoeing and conducting yourself effectively is paramount.

The course includes some of the following topics:

Hot shoeing, cold shoeing and corrective shoeing

Modify Existing Shoes

How to modify existing shoes to fit a foot

Forging Shoes

Forging shoes from plain bar stock with specific features on a propane forge and anvil

Foot Trimming

How to trim a foot for level and balance to the appropriate angles


Anatomy of the horse, foot, leg and bone structure &

Tendons and ligaments

Farrier Business

How to run a farrier business and interact effectively with customers

3 Month Program


The school offers a 3 month program, Monday to Friday,  8.30 – 4.00 pm for classroom and shop lessons. The students will be taken off property to shoe horses and will be given intensive hands -on training on all types of horses and their respective equine sport disciplines. Students will have a chance to work with a large range of horses, from dressage, show jumping, eventing, carriage driving, field and show hunting horses to every day pleasure and back yard horses.

In these three month you will get additional exposure from seasoned farriers, veterinarians and other professionals who will demonstrate their skills. Police officers will explain the requirements for proper maintenance and licencing of a commercial vehicle including safety inspections of truck and trailer.

Physiotherapists will give you inside knowledge on how to keep your body safe from the rigors of horse shoeing.

All tools and equipment will be provided. 

Every student will be equipped with an apron, hand tools and hoof stand which will be theirs to keep.

About Guelph

Fergus is the largest community in Centre Wellington, a township within Wellington County in Ontario. It lies on the Grand River, about 18 km from Guelph. The city of Guelph is a university town where accommodations will be available for the duration of your schooling. However, the school does not provide lodgings. It will be up to the students to find housing.

After successfully passing the course test you will be issued a certificate of completion from the school.

Paul Fischbach

Paul Fischbach is the owner and instructor of the school. He has over 20 years of experience in every day shoeing, handling horses. He has also participated in Farrier competitions for many years.

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